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Gnostic Pride & Haughty Spirit - Part 1 of 9

Exploration gnosticism, pride & the apostasy of special knowledge. The inversion of truth and morality through of a lack of faith and courage.

By Ed McKervey
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Originally published in the Porterville Recorder's 6/14/2023 issue. Part 1 of 9.

In the early period of the Christian dispensation several forms of Gnosticism are present. Many considered sects and some even cults ranging from old forms of Judaism to new forms of Christianity among others. Small g and large G gnostics and other groups claiming personal and collective special knowledge lead many astray from the truth or more simply stated the pursuit of the truth.
In my opinion we are seeing many parallels to the 1st century Christian Church today. Just as Paul in his years of travels preaching truth ran into all sorts of resistance as he tried to spread the gospel. Recall in Acts how he had to kick the dust from his feet and move on when he encountered those well studied in the school of Tyrannus.

Paul held fast to the truth using his citizenship to win his freedom. Paul was persecuted incessantly but he was undaunted even when jailed. He preached even to his captors who all survived a shipwreck on the treacherous journey to appear before Caesar as he was appointed.

The endurance and courage of the Apostles creed to establish the church was echoed again in the reformation at the time of the printing press.  We are living in another critical period as the upheavals that we saw after the printing press in the time of the reformation will pale in comparison to the upheavals we will face in this technological age.

The ancient origins of gnostics were wide ranging and but they all had a common thread, special knowledge. When I think of gnostics I think of modern cults like Jim Jones and his famous suicidal “Kool-Aid” and its deadly group think ideology. Lately I think more and more about all of the special interest groups and activists influencing the conversations today who claim to know better as they peddling immoral superiority. The war of principalities and powers has never been clearer to me as we see the judiciary and the law so politicized and weaponized regionally.

Progressives try to tell us fascism is the enemy and in that I agree, but little else.  Progressives try to tell us fascism is a right wing ideology which it is not.  They are liars of the first order hiding behind the rubric of progress. Fascism is the centralization of power and is neither left nor right in this equation.  Fascism is the collusion and coordination of power between government, corporations and people.

People meaning factions and “Non-Governmental Organizations” (NGO’s) funded by grants from government many of which act as foot soldiers of this fascism. These NGO’s and so called non-profits are making huge profits these days leveraging the anti-capitalist Marxist creed AKA progressivism while receiving money from government in the form of grants. Imagine that the folks telling you they are against the fascists are the fascists in a marvelous psychological projection.

For a perspective into the progressive money machine that we all pay for please go to this website to peruse the billions that these Non Profits are funneling in from our government to fund progressive causes (Cultural Marxism in action).  The cultural Marxists use nonprofit anti-capitalist rhetoric as a cover for their government funding. Go Figure the materialist’s love of money is legion.

Progressives are constructing the modern tower of babel and their agenda is failing again just as it did in the early 19th century once its true colors are exposed by the people.  Fascists have always claimed they are not fascists in a marvelous projection. Think ANTIFA. Theirs is a brand of sorcery and they use words to cast their spells, somebody please check my spelling.  Floating Signifiers are the weapons used to manipulate minds through false eschaton’s and malleable definitions.  A Tyrant is just another form of a bully. They both use fear and intimidation to manipulate.  It’s an eminence front, it’s a put on, sing it with me.

It’s really no surprise as this is just human nature.  Human nature does not change or evolve despite the machinations of modern progressives. The gnosis of the modern progressive that falsely claims special knowledge is at the center of today’s rotten culture. The idea that man would reclaim nature as his own by controlling the weather OR an even more audacious goal that man could reclaim creation from God himself.  The blasphemy in our culture is a full throated overthrow of all that is natural for all that is artificial.

The screenplays of yesteryear and the blockbusters of the late 20th century while an entertaining escape or distraction often depict the folly of man and machine.  They depict the disaster of transhumanism and artificial intelligence destroying the world. Remember Robocop and the cult favorite character of Jason Bourne the government funded and trained contract killer.

The search for the Holy Grail or chasing the Fountain of Youth themes of yesteryear retold in modern fast paced Computer Generated Imagery CGI thrillers. The only features that resonate are those that have a clear good and evil thread where good prevails in the end.  The greatest stories ever told reflect truth and the vice and virtue of human nature.  It’s no coincidence that ticket sales are best where good prevails reflecting the Good Book.

One might conclude that these stories are just fantasy but those dystopian themes resonate because they depict human nature. One might conclude these stories are a Freudian or Jungian warning. The fantasy that real master minds don’t exist is the inference or is it just a blue pill fantasy.  Conversely for those that have lived a while these may seem more like psychological operations (Psyops) that reflect an underlying agenda using technology as the reflection on the platonic cave. We must ask ourselves if these films are reflecting the ideas, promoting them or preparing us for what is to come.

If you understand human nature and you are actually awake and red pilled and no longer willfully blind you can clearly see the globalist agenda both in past history and right in front of our eyes today. Imagine the propaganda media of today that not so long ago we called news. There are real DR EVILS residing in the globalist World Economic Forum (WEF) and other organizations hiding in plain sight like the World Health Organization (WHO).  I’m certain we are only beginning to see the real dr. evils and only those they want us to see.  These organizations are against American sovereignty and desire one world centralized government. America is one of the few countries that is standing in the way of globalization, albeit less and less now with so many being captured by Marxist ideologies.

The media are masters of psychological conditioning and marketing to sell products and lifestyles. Technology makes mass formation (narratives) much easier than in the past and many have been cowed by fear and captured by false narratives in that mass formation. Fear is not a Virtue.  The curse and the blessing of technology is that much is being revealed by the decentralization of information. Much like the reformation period that rejected the selling of indulgences and keeping the gospel truth from the people. We have to seek truth and decide for ourselves.

The marvelous successes of the 20th century have enabled this dark side of human nature to metastasize around the world. Remember all of the great destroyers of peoples and nations were those that claimed to be doing things for the greater good.

Hitler was going to right the wrongs of the past. The French Revolution was going to bring equality as they devolved into civil war and lopped of the heads of all dissenters.  The Bolshevik’s were going to make everyone equal and if you didn’t agree you were simply sent to a re-education camp or gulag until you changed your mind or died. Most died. The Kulak farmers that fed the world in the 1930’s were starved to death or worse for equality. The list is long and the dominions of Kings throughout history nearly all end in feudalism, serfdom, slavery, war and death.

We find ourselves in a grand delusion today from despots using modern technology to manipulate, cajole, persuade and enslave the world.  We are being cowed by climate eschatology, population eschatology, pandemic eschatology which foments fear amongst the materialists. Artificial Intelligence is being used not to reflect information but to influence and support an agenda.

The “Intelligence” agencies keep the Russian boogeyman alive but pay no mind the Chinese dictator behind the curtain.  Still others amongst us in our own country are claiming America is a terrible and flawed country. Why has American education been working so hard to set us up for a grand suicide of the greatest most prosperous nation in history? It’s becoming clearer and clearer as we drift further and further from the truth what this haughty spirit is. This reminds us human nature does not change.

The further we drift from the truth the further the delusion.  Mainstream thought is to call the search for truth falling down a rabbit hole in a grand inversion. Those that have been holding fast to the truth are called conspiracy theorists. Never mind that most of the conspiracies of late are no longer theories but facts making them conspiracy realists.

The crazies are lumped in with the truth seekers and painted as enemies of truth in a marvelous blame shift. How in the world did the Betsy Ross Flag, a great American symbol of freedom, become a symbol of extremism for Marxists?  Since when did the patriotism of pledging allegiance to our flag and one nation under God become hate?  The republic stands indivisible but the globalists call that a threat to our democracy.  NONSENSE.

Yes, the world has been turned upside down and inside out but that world is still the same world as it always was.  As the theme song from Welcome Back Kotter echoes in my mind “Only the names have changed” Same old, same old. Welcome back, welcome back. That Idyllic window into the streets of Brooklyn in America through a Hollywood lens with a great intro song. The noble idea of a teacher now only a memory from a sitcom.  We are now living with a world war era, Pink Floyd archetype of a fascist teacher. Many educators today are promoting vice as virtue constructing a psychological wall of “safety” bullying children and calling it education.

I can remember when there were great TV writers and sitcoms but those days are long gone replaced with modern anti-American agenda driven sitcoms no longer reflecting American culture but working hard to transform it into something it never was. Reality television promotes the drama and vice for profit.  The wholesome stories promoting the virtues of faith & family that are the core of American Patriotism are rejected by Hollyweird and its full throated embrace of vice.

Ironically the 1960’s generation of radicals called themselves progressives that went to work pressing the culture even further away from God. Progressives are working hard through all forms of media to control the narrative and drive their agenda not stopping once to discover how dystopian it is.  Still others embracing the dystopia for profit and control are very happy at the top.  Dr Evil is blushing.

The narratives of old reflected human nature but the narratives of today are clearly written and repeated over and over to change it. School House Rock was written and produced by Disney and was pro America.  The new shows produced by Disney are anti-American and globalist in nature.  Times have changed but our nature has not. Material prosperity has led to greed, avarice, and hubris after we severed the mooring of Christ and proclaimed ourselves gods.

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Ed McKervey

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