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Gnostic Pride & Haughty Spirit - Part 2 of 9

Exploration gnosticism, pride & the apostasy of special knowledge. The inversion of truth and morality through of a lack of faith and courage.

By Ed McKervey
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First Century Leadership

Originally published in the Porterville Recorder's 6/21/2023 issue. Part 1 of 9.

The anti-American progressives from the turbulent 1960’s began their march through the institutions and captured America from within.  The generation that threw God out of school, marched against war and discrimination now promotes endless war and has become a religion unto itself.  Progressives aim to change human nature finally and once and for all to be better than God.  This haughty spirit, this pride, this arrogance is our nature unrestrained. Temptation has lost all control. 

The education system under progressive rule has been transformed into an indoctrination system turning many students into activists.  There is nothing we do any more that does not imbue or reflect a cause. We can’t even win a cooking show without proclaiming it’s for my sexuality or my race or my mom or name some other cause. 

The progressive activist culture we have created gets meaning & purpose from causes that are ever changing. In their zeal progressives have concluded that America is a bad country and their cause is to undermine it for some fanciful perfectionist ideal. The Hegelian Dialectic is their doctrine, never mind his love of Napoleon.

The gnostic faith pursues perfection relentlessly hiding in plain sight. The anger of “the religion of the anti” is against all that is not perfect. They will accept nothing less than perfection and seek to destroy anything that isn’t. The pride movements seeking perfection has become nothing more than a collection of narcissists. Materialist perfectionism is their creed. Progressives have rejected the premise of America undermining all that is good because it’s not perfect. 

Progressives have no problem throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Progressives are performing a late term abortion of our country and claiming it’s a just cause. The Honorable & Noble Idea of the founding of America, the character and complexion of its founding documents, is derided and smeared by progressives. The money laundering is plain to see as political causes meld with government funding.  Here is a window in the collusion and well-funded political cabal of cultural Marxism.

American ideals of Faith, Family, Freedom, Accountability and Responsibility are discarded by progressives outright. The American character assassination is nearing completion. False teaching is like a well without water, empty, barren and desolate. Whose will are we following? Remember folks that claim not to be political are the most political of all.  Folks admonishing you to not talk politics are pushing their politics in silencing you.

It seems at times like the entire culture is captured by this progressive ideology and it’s hard at times to stop and extricate yourself from it because of its reach into everything. The red pills are flowing however and we are seeing the disaster of the progressive blue pill “wokeness” being rejected for red pill truths.  It seems clear to me now more than ever that because of the internet many are starting to see the man behind the curtain. The great and powerful OZ has been exposed reflected in a can of beer.

The damage being done to our country and the world is now on full display for all to see and the progressive media filter can no longer control the narrative. Once we begin to question the pride and haughty spirit that claims house arrest is good or sterilizing children is good we begin to wake up.

Once we see the Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) productions of the Ukraine conflict it begins to look more like a bad movie like “Wag the Dog”. Ukraine reminds us of Iraq or Vietnam and we can no longer keep silent people are dying for a lie. The greatest money laundering scheme in history is being exposed. The counter culture for the counter culture has begun in earnest. The more things change the more things stay the same. 

The censorship that foil those speaking up is marvelous and now we see our own government employing censorship schemes and other national socialist tactics like a health pass. The Propaganda machines of the early 20th century pale in comparison to today. The gnostics are trying to protect their own sinister agenda through information control. People with guns are telling us to give up our guns. The tin foil hat that was once derided is fast becoming a tin foil helmet. 

We are starting to understand more clearly why the founders of America made the 1st Amendment the 1st Amendment. Our freedom depends on our free speech assembly and religion.  The current progressive apparatus is trying to control these things, through the guise of confidentiality, safety & security because they know better. Gnosis, Pride & Haughty Spirit all in one fail swoop will implode once the truth gets its pants on. Strife and shame follow pride and the lusts of the flesh.It’s all about the Benjamin’s. Franklin was so right in his observation that “those who would trade their freedom for security, would lose both and deserve neither.” A more succinct quote or phrase has ever been uttered since Moses proclaimed “Let My People Go”. Pride seeks power and control. 

Unchecked pride & a haughty spirit leads to division, destruction, war, tyranny and death.  Remember the fleshy pride we are discussing serves as a necklace and lacks a mirror to see how ugly it is. Temptation loses all control in its desire for fleshy indulgence. This is a vicious ideology and many have been captured by it in the name of tolerance and indiscriminateness. Remember the warning about the broad way that leads to destruction.  AC / DC called it the Highway to Hell. 

 Humility leads to Unity. Humility seeks Truth. Humility seeks Justice. Humility leads to Wisdom. Humility seeks Honor. Humility is the antidote to pride. We are severely lacking in our culture today the humility that leads to Freedom, Liberty and Life. Where the spirit of the lord is there is Liberty we read in second Corinthians. Where there is Law there is Liberty comes from the book of James echoed by John Locke. Why don’t we have a month that celebrates Humility or the Good Book?

As we delve further in to pride and human nature. Many of us find ourselves asking what happened to America. Why have so many succumbed to the temptation that man can control the weather? That nature could be changed or perfected? What happened to the 10th man antidotes to group think? What happened to the basic humility required to learn from our mistakes? Why has this haughty spirit gone unchecked? 

 I will posit to you it’s both a progressive cowardice (vice) and lack of courage (Virtue). We forgot that being nice is not a virtue.  We forgot that being offended is nonsense when it comes to truth.  We no longer pursue truth because it might offend someone and we are no longer kind enough to tell God’s honest truth with humility and conviction. It takes courage to tell the truth these days.

Just as human nature stays the same so does the word of God.  Unchanging human nature is the premise of the argument. Our nature does not evolve or change. The ethics of Right and Wrong do not evolve.  Morality does not change. The definition of vice and virtue does not evolve.  Those telling you not to judge others are in fact judging you as they admonish you in a grand projection.

The pride to think that man can change humans to what they desire instead of what they are is driven by decadent narcissism and hubris. Selfish pride does not lead to unity but destruction. Never forget America was founded on the ethics and morality of God’s inspired word. To undermine the foundational premise of the west is to undermine Freedom, Liberty and Life itself

The temptation to think that we have special knowledge that supersedes the word of God is gnosticism. Our churches have been crippled by this. We have severed the mooring to reality when we severe our connection to the way the truth and the life.  When we trade a fleshy desire for the truth we destroy ourselves. 

God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. A fleshy mind seeks to divide and devour hiding behind false virtue and false humility.  False humility is pride. False virtue is vice.  A haughty spirit does not seek honor, righteousness or truth.

The pride, arrogance and haughty spirit to think humans are above the laws of nature and of natured God is what we are taking about.  Nobody will believe that bad things will happen until they happen. The further we drift from truth and from our tether to God the worse things will get. Holding onto the prideful gnosis that man is better or smarter than God is the problem. Even worse those that reject God for a fleshy mind present their pride as a false humility as if they are trying to help others while they prey on them.

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Ed McKervey

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