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Gnostic Pride & Haughty Spirit - Part 3 of 9

Exploration gnosticism, pride & the apostasy of special knowledge. The inversion of truth and morality through of a lack of faith and courage.

By Ed McKervey
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First Century Leadership

Originally published in the Porterville Recorder's 6/21/2023 issue. Part 3 of 9.

Why is the legacy media no longer focused on objectivity, truth seeking and transparency? There is no south thing as group rights. We see the media relentlessly promoting “group rights” over “individual rights”. From this we can more clearly see their prideful agenda with no objectivity just marketing of an agenda. We see a clear agenda of the self-anointed activist media who tell us what is good and deny all who disagree. 

We are told over and over we have to accept certain things as good or else we will be censored or banned. We even see relentless corporate sensitivity training being foisted on everyone in the name of diversity equity and inclusion. All of these agenda’s converge on group rights as if they are civil rights which is a lie. Yes much like the Pirates of the Caribbean “The beatings will continue until moral improves!” 

The funding mechanisms from government are so ubiquitous now the amounts of money funneling in/out of corporations & Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) is staggering. Most do not realize that the money from progressive causes is in some cases many times more than the official corporate bottom lines and the entire free market system is no longer free. It’s rigged and includes Wall Street and Media at levels that boggle the mind.

The pride of the gnostic adherents that somehow know better is the most destructive pride of all.  The Haughty Sprit in today’s culture promoting pride is very destructive foretelling what is to come. Pride has no place in any real conversation by definition because its mind is already made up and there can be no conversation or disagreement. Anyone who doesn’t agree becomes a target and the downward spiral continues. Have we no humility left in our culture? Without humility we have no honor. Without humility we have no wisdom. 

Why do we see so many claiming to have special knowledge today? Often I ask folks how they have arrived at their beliefs and most cannot even explain their position and get angry when pressed to explain. We see strange positions like if you haven’t lived out someone else’s truth you cannot weigh in on the subject. This tribalism is based in special knowledge. Gnosis. The concealment of information and collusion that only serves to protect the wealthy and the powerful using the activist culture as their foot soldiers.  This is gnosis pride driven by avarice and a haughty spirit. Vice claiming to be Virtue is still vice.

I remember when the phrase “politically correct” was derogatory.  We used to ridicule people who followed political correctness. When exactly was it that we embraced this weapon of self-censorship. Why is it no longer wise to ridicule a person for embracing political correctness?  It has become self-preservation to censor yourself and go along with political correctness.  We have become cowards unwilling to defend the truth.

Clearly we are under some kind of spell and we need to extricate ourselves from this blue pill mentality and start thinking for ourselves again.  That will take humility.  That requires a posture of forgiveness and grace through humility to dismantle this pride agenda.  To thwart this haughty spirit we will have to preach even to our captors as Paul did when he saved all in the great shipwreck.

Why is there so much emphasis on confidentiality and protection of knowledge that should be public?  Here are some simple tests:  Do you think you are better than others?   Do you think others are better than you?  It’s a very strange time when only certain people or groups in power have any right to privacy and confidentiality. Even worse selective reporting, selective law enforcement and selective prosecution are all part and parcel to the haughty spirit in the proverb.  These things seem to be driven by folks claiming to have special knowledge even if they can’t explain it. 

All of this pride is leading us right into a constitutional crisis and a lawless nightmare driven by activists pushing pride agenda’s.  This all leads to more centralization of power in the hands of fewer people.  What history teaches us about central planning ideologies can be distilled into a simple axiom. In a free society TRUTH is power, in a Tyrannical society POWER is truth. Orwell wrote extensively on this subject as a warning.

You know you are on a path of destruction when we are conditioned to celebrate a singular centralized outcome like we must protect our democracy! Nobody even knows what that means despite the incessant claims and media marketing.  Truth is the power in a decentralized America centered on the individual. Power is the truth in a centralized group think tyrannical culture. 

We need a tenth man approach that seeks to define the issue and counter the blue pill narrative that everything is OK just go back to sleep.  Without a peoples narrative we have no red pills to pull us from the matrix.  The internet holds this promise if we can keep it free.  Julian Assange is still in Jail while many of the Crooks he exposed are walking free so we are still at the beginning of this great battle for truth.

Artificial virtue is vice. Virtue signaling is not real virtue. Pride is not Virtue. Participation trophies are meaningless. The current indiscriminate culture is not interested in right or wrong but agreement or else. It’s all good.  It’s all for the greater good. These are just slogans and are used to drive an agenda.  When did we start celebrating vice?    Now we have this forced celebration of vice on our calendars, televisions, internet, schools and you name it advertising. May was mental health awareness month but maybe it should follow pride month.

Mental Health Awareness Month was established in 1949 to increase awareness of the importance of mental health and wellness in Americans’ lives and to celebrate recovery from mental illness.  Ironically mental illness has increased year after year since this issue was recognized.  Not unlike homelessness where as we claim to work harder to address homelessness it has steadily increased.   A very strong corollary is our embrace of the self-esteem movement that has destroyed self-esteem in our efforts to improve it. 

When we are not humble honest and sincere in addressing the root causes of mental health we tend to exacerbate the problem. Lately we just go along until it becomes a crisis then throw up our hands and claim we must do more when doing more is what has led to the very crisis we claimed we were trying to avert.  It’s an Orwellian process and fails because we never work to address the root of the problem. This is the secret knowledge of the gnostic faith in action and it becomes a form of willful blindness. 

After watching the movie “one flew over the cuckoo’s nest” in the 1960’s progressives worked tirelessly to close them by the 1980’s. The criminal was made out as the victim and the institution the criminal. The public couldn’t unsee that image of Jack Nicolson after his lobotomy. This actually made things worse and added to our collective guilt.  Government swooped into action to address the issue and save money by closing mental institutions. But the FDA rides to the rescue to authorize chemical lobotomies for children in 2011. 

This is also Orwellian and the more we claim victory for addressing some small portion of the problem we are actually becoming more mentally ill ourselves as we have joined the delusion calling failures success and our successes failures as the problem continues to grow.  Much like closing mental institutions of the past today in CA we have begun closing prisons. Surely crime is growing and will continue to grow as a result. This is pride in action. 

When will we simply stop and re-evaluate and change course on any of these issues so we can let go of failed programs & policies of today? We need to regroup and actually address the problems we have created by humbly accepting the failures. The pride and arrogance to think that governments and organizations know better than the children’s own parents is breathtakingly similar to flying over a cuckoo’s nest yet we continue headlong into oblivion.

It’s the humility to accept we have made mistakes that leads to success. It’s the humility to accept that many of the things we have done have actually made things worse. It is the humility of accepting the world as it is and the outcomes objectively so the root causes can be identified that we begin to gain ground and solve the problems. It is the humility to accept that money doesn’t solve these problems and the satisfaction and peace we achieve when we make positive change is where the guilt is diminished. 

The old adage is still true today “If at first you don’t succeed try, try again.” Real results is where the peace of mind comes from. You shall know them by their fruits. We have to look at what our actions lead to, to understand if they are good or bad.  We have to be humble enough to know that what is good or bad is determined by something outside of ourselves. Western Civilization’s understanding of Justice and right and wrong is based in Christianity and there is no escape from this. 

True Justice & Judgement are the realm of a deity and must be taken very seriously. When we cheapen this to be a human realm it leads to destruction. Neither myself writing this piece nor you reading it is actually judgmental it’s just analysis. The bible admonishes us to have good judgement. We have to be humble and remember the Declaration of Independence reference to the supreme judge of the world.

The best illustration is to embrace what Jesus teaches in the way we pray. In the Sermon on the Mount we are taught to pray that God’s will be done NOT man’s will. We see throughout time what happens when we put man in that seat. We can’t pat ourselves on the back with arrogant pride and claim victory if the results are worse and the outcomes are mostly failure. Is it our will or his will? Who deems what is truth, or justice or good?  Definitely not the media or the culture.

Blank Person

Ed McKervey

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