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Gnostic Pride & Haughty Spirit - Part 4 of 9

Exploration gnosticism, pride & the apostasy of special knowledge. The inversion of truth and morality through of a lack of faith and courage.

By Ed McKervey
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First Century Leadership

Originally published in the Porterville Recorder's 7/5/2023 issue. Part 4 of 9.

In all honesty and all humility we must accept that the true premises of Morality and Ethics are the cornerstone of the American Republic. Just as Jesus is the cornerstone of The Church, Judeo Christian Values are the cornerstone of our Republic. America simply built on the central tenets of western civilization that many have forgotten or were never taught. Liberty & Freedom are more valuable than safety and security.  It is an ethical and moral choice, choose wisely.

If you desire to undermine the church, country, or western civilization in general you would probably NOT want to teach the basic tenets. We no longer teach properly the importance of Christianity, History or the American Constitutional Republic because it disarms those who would defend it. 

This arrogance stemming from pride to remove or not educate our children on these fundamental tenets & principles in our schools is criminal neglect. This is also why we are seeing the campaigns against Christmas and basic oaths.  We used to universally swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help us God in our courts and that is also under attack. 

Progressives identify as Marxists without a doubt and these are the folks that have infiltrated our institutions. These anti-Christ & anti-American Marxists in our judicial system are perverting the rule of law and equal justice to serve their agenda.  Not a conspiracy, a fact, a cultural revolution driven by pride. Color Revolution 101.

I want to expose another technocratic tactic used to capture culture and positions of power. Credentialism. This is another form and example of gnostic pride.  I have degree so I’m smarter.  I have a title so I am better. I have. I have. I have so I may deem things. Certain credentials are required to be in a seat of power. Think Diversity Director in University.  These are all false appeals to authority.  We all know that the humble truth is the real authority.

We all know experience is the best teacher. The days of journeyman and apprentice will likely return but they are gone for now to feed the credential machine.  All of our “higher Learning” institutions are well funded progressive operations now creating future technocrats.

This is a reality we are facing today people with credentials who think they know better pridefully telling others they are better and they should do as they are told or think like the group or faction.  Pride month is the outgrowth of pride culture year round reflected in diversity indoctrination not humble truth.  In today’s culture we repeat mantra’s like you have to get a degree to be smart. That you have to have credentials to get ahead. Why do these DEI directors receive more money by far than most in their fields and seem to wield more power than CEO’s or Elected Officials?

You are not qualified unless you have completed your indoctrination are all forms of gnostic pride that have seeped into the current anti-American CULTure.  However if you are a Gazzillionare by trade or by inheritance you will be granted privilege and honorary credentials from schools that want to ride your coattails of success. Of course if the shared goals of diversity are present only.

Gender identity disorder is a mental illness appearing in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSMMD). This is a form mental illness and needs real treatment not validation. I’m trying to understand in the treatment of mental illness where validating the illness actually helps to solve of improve the illness. 

One thing is for sure mental illness is an individual thing and we all know intuitively that there are no collective solutions for individual problems. Why are those captured in this ideology demanding acceptance and validation of the groups as a form of solving their mental illness?

There has been a campaign to change the definitions, diagnosis and treatments in the name of progress.  This is not progress this is scientism which is Marxism masquerading as science. No wonder they push social science so much in school and socialization as a good, it’s also Marxist in nature. In its most basic form this is Cultural Marxism because scientism says that there is nothing outside the realm of science even things that are not observable, provable or repeatable which makes it pseudoscience by definition. In other words in cultural Marxism 2+2=5 is considered sound reasoning. This is scientism a false appeal to authority which is tantamount to a religion.

In biology there are only two sexes throughout the living world.  The binary that leads to life is biological and required for reproduction. This applies to every living thing and is a fundamental scientific reality. The overeducated gnostics will try to convince people that gender is a social construct and not biological at all and that is where the problem begins. In reality you can imagine more than one gender and you can pretend that biology doesn’t matter but it does not change the science.  Every cell in your body is coded male or female for example.  If you change your appearance is does not change your DNA.  Your pronouns don’t change your DNA.

The strangest prescription I have ever seen in my life being applied collectively in the media and in our schools to treat a mental illness as if it’s normal. Are there other mental illnesses where validating, accommodating, appropriating and promoting the illness is considered treatment?  In this case we are trying to change reality to fit the mental illness so the mental illness becomes normal.  I did not realize that Marxism would reach a point where it becomes the prescription for mental illness. 

Again here we go demanding the vast majority to accept a minority position which is the opposite of democracy. Accepting mental illness as normal may in fact lead to more mental illness in its acceptance than occurs naturally.  Demanding that the vast majority of people accept as normal the ideology of the trans-sexual is nonsense but if you don’t agree you are labeled a transphobe and personally attacked. I thought democracy ruled and majority wins?

What other extreme ideas are out there where more than 99% of people must accept the ideology of a faction or condition that afflicts less than 1% of people or be ostracized and called a deplorable of worse. The incessant Immoralizing exposes itself as fraudulent and not moral at all.  Virtue signaling for a cause does not make it virtue.  Isn’t this damaging to our democracy? 

We need simply to step back and humbly look at the data. Having a discussion about the data would be great and quite humbling for all of us.  Transsexuals comprise less than 1% of people. Statistics uses 95% confidence intervals to conduct science not 1%. The radical agenda’s unleashed on the culture are easily exposed eventually as false, fake and misleading. An outlier is an outlier so the radical would be wise to recognize this as “damaging to our democracy”. By definition though a radical can’t because pride has captured them and there is no humility in the pride agenda.

We need to pause and remember that we should not give the benefit of the doubt to people or machines incapable of virtue. Without humility we cannot claim to be virtuous. Humility is the antithesis of Pride. Embracing vice will always lead to conflict not unity.  Let us remember that true believers of Marxism are not interested in virtue, or truth or science. Activist goals are not truth, science or virtue but “Regeneration through Chaos” which was the subtitle of Gary North’s excellent book on Marxism published in 1968. 

Moreover if you believe in democracy wouldn’t the majority simply be able to say no we don’t accept a radical agenda because it doesn’t reflect our actual values in our culture? Nope.  It gets flipped on its head and we are scolded for not accepting the radical agenda even though it’s obviously radical and hurtful to the majority. In fact if you zoom out it’s easy to see the radical agenda. Some of these Cultural Marxist radicals are so militant even the majority are afraid to speak up to the destructive radical minority. Pushing vice as a virtue is definitely a radical agenda. 

In fact it’s the primary definition of a radical agenda and now we are beginning to see this radical agenda being foisted on us by threat of legal action which is also part of that same agenda.  It’s just like defensive medicine. We have to give all 10 tests even if you don’t need them and they are expensive for everyone but we don’t want to get sued.  Yes the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. We are being told to go along accept the results or you will be punished.  Looks like evil to me.  I’m not inclined to get on the cattle car headed for the gulag. 

Why is the majority being asked to accept an inverted premise that pride is a virtue and humility a vice? Why do we ostracize those who don’t accept the false premise of solving mental illness by accepting it as normal? Why should anyone be forced to accept something they disagree with? 

Confused yet?  I know I am because this makes no sense. I guess they are saying if we are all mentally ill together then none of us are mentally ill. Why exactly should we accept 56+ versions of something when there are really only 2 versions of the real thing? In gender affirming “healthcare” there are only 2 options. 

Despite the DNA in every one of your cells being coded as male of female they will play along in the charade that they can make you look like the opposite gender in your DNA as long as it gets paid for by your insurance. Sure seems like money is the real motivator here.  We have to go back to Obamacare to see behind the curtain where this care is promoted and paid for by the government.  Government is force not benevolence.

Amazing how the love of money trumps the love of science. The affordable healthcare act shoved through congress against the will of the people 2010 pays for 95% of all of these “healthcare” procedures. Thanks Uniparty.  This is looking more like the modern eugenics movement rebranded.  This is starting to look like a population control mechanism not healthcare.

Statistics show that 80% of those who undergo this gender affirming “care” are sterilized.  The haughty spirit sterilizing our children in the name of healthcare paid for by our government is a breathtaking slow motion train wreck happening right before our eyes.  So far the depopulation agenda has been mostly peaceful. This is not progress this is Planned Parenthood gone nuclear. 

Somehow do no harm has become sterilize the next generation. All who participate in this great evil against children must no longer have a conscience.  I assume they cheated on their ethics test at this point. I marvel at this great evil.  The haughty spirit of immoral superiority is among us and destroying the next generation.

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Ed McKervey

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