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Gnostic Pride & Haughty Spirit - Part 6 of 9

Exploration gnosticism, pride & the apostasy of special knowledge. The inversion of truth and morality through of a lack of faith and courage.

By Ed McKervey
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First Century Leadership

Originally published in the Porterville Recorder's 7/19/2023 issue. Part 6 of 9.

The American social contract is above race despite all of the anti-American rhetoric. If we are not working to keep America on a path to reach its founding ideals then we are not American’s. This is the social contract of America.  Why would so many be working to undermine it? Why would so many posit that globalism is better than national sovereignty? Why are so many working against American patriotism? 

On a practical level and for the same reasons I will ask a few more questions along these lines. Why are we not working to reduce illicit drug use? Why are we not working to move people from welfare to work? Why are we making policy that increases homelessness?  Why are we making policy that is soft on crime and real punishment for criminals? Much like the Pride movement claiming it’s against bullies the thing it claims to be against gets worse.  All of these categories will continue to get worse if we cannot humble ourselves and start solving the root causes. The Pride movement is a departure from truth and a departure from virtue. 

Many today claim to love America but are making policy that undermines America. If you love America why are you trying to change it for the worse?  If you love America why would you not defend its borders? If you love America why are you trying to sterilize its children? 

Why are we bank rolling politicized churches and activists groups for causes?  The rise of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) funded by government has exploded. Follow the money.  Trafficking people can be very lucrative when most of your operations are subsidized and privatized   Proclaiming that capitalism is bad because its exploits workers is one thing but we see that the only thing worse than capitalism is socialism because its exploits everything it touches. Open borders is now goal of many of these organizations now funded by government.

The folks that shout racism the loudest have become the biggest racists supporting segregated graduations for example. Conflating pride movement as a part of civil rights is vicious and destructive. Pride has brought us to an inflection point and we need to stop progressing away from the constitution that was designed to protect us from ourselves and our flawed nature. Our American creed is about the individual and has never been about privilege groups or privilege factions. 

Pride is not Virtue. Tolerance is not virtue. We get more of what we tolerate and that is what zero tolerance policies are aimed at.  But if we have zero tolerance on bullying and the bullying is defined by as a protected class or group we just created a privilege group. Any privilege group that uses its status to bully other groups is simply a political faction. If the zero tolerance policy violates the essence of equal protection and works to promote bullying at the group level it only leads to conflict and division.

In other words when we create protected classes the protected classes can use their status to bully everyone else. We open ourselves up to situations in government where the protected classes are ranked and some are more protected than others and the problem only gets worse.  This is the essence of privilege and works against equal justice and equal protection.  The snake eats its tail.

Embracing drag queen story hour for example enables sexual perversion to be flaunted in front of children destroying the innocence of childhood.  Children have always been a protected class but because technocrats have deemed this perversion education it sidesteps the law. Why are we allowing groups to bully our children? Why is this pride movement not recognized or called out as a population control movement?

In fact if these things were done outside of the façade of education they are considered criminal acts. Why do we see police being directed to protect the perverts and not the children? So much for the innocence of children. Why are we sanctioning the abuse of children and calling it education? Why is there a protected class above protecting the innocence of children?

Why has the culture embraced sexual perversion and decided its ok to impose it on our children and destroy their innocence? What exactly is family friendly about drag queen story hour? Don’t ask why children need to be around drag queens, ask why drag queens need to be around children. We have drifted so far from the truth that ethics and morality are not even discussed anymore.  What happened to us?

This is voyeurism and these deviants are getting their jollies in plain sight with the support of many parents in a marvelous rebellion against true morality. In short this is child abuse and vicious. Exposing children to cross dressers & pornography impacts their mental health. This sexual harassment is destroying child innocence while promoting immorality. Why don’t we humbly ask ourselves to where does this lead?

We see the destruction that new protected classes have done to the protected class of women’s sports to illustrate a point.  This is a clear violation of equal protection.  It’s very strange to make a claim that some are more equal than others let alone work to implement and enforce this false claim.  Many have embraced this immorality because they have good intentions but the outcome is so destructive that it is tearing at the very fabric of our free society.

A biological male pretending to be a women so he can win is actually exactly what a coward would do.  The only real courage is the other way around where a woman would take on a biological man.  Imagine a woman in the NFL for example, that would be courageous. Why does this only go in one direction? The goal of Cultural Marxism is to invert the culture and they have succeeded in destroying women’s sports for example but there are dozens of other examples.  Since when did destroying women’s sports become social good? 

Even worse we see that the new protected class created by our government is enabling rape in our prisons.  There are well documented cases now where we see the policies to move a transgender male to a women’s prison based on the delusion that they are not male leads to the rape of real women in prison.  This has quickly been a way for sexual predators to abuse the system and adds cruel and unusual punishment to other prisoners captive in that system.

Last article I read was that there are several hundred of these pending review but if they follow the legal precedents they will be enabled by their protected class to continue their sexual abuse of others. As Adam Smith made plain in his simple statement about cruelty.  Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent. How in the world did we get to a place where we don’t have enough humility to call a time out and say enough is enough this cruelty to the innocent must stop.

We are enabling trans men to dress up in drag reading children’s stories to children and call it virtue. This is an extreme violation of the protected class of children and child innocence.  Sexual deviants and perverts are taking pleasure in flaunting their deviance and promoting their immorality in public?  This used to be a crime.  If we celebrate a crime does that mean it’s not a crime anymore?  What happened to equal justice, equal protection and the rule of law? 

Are we to throw out 2000 years of western civilization for a lie?  Remember all liars are thieves and when people lie to themselves is the same as losing your identity.  Even worse as we destroy the innocence of children through this deviance we are damaging the next generation for a cause and a lie.  I guess that’s not that important if sterilizing 80% of those choosing gender affirming care is considered a social good. This form of population control has been mostly peaceful yet vicious in nature.

The poor outcomes lead to profit and Joseph Mengele is blushing. We definitely don’t learn from history.  This is all known in the short term and will get worse in the long term.  It is a path of destruction from a healthcare system that used to adhere to a code of ethics that swore an oath “do no harm”. We have to stop doing medical experiments on children.  Why do we go along with experimenting on children this way?

The evidence is clear that transgender and gender confused adolescents are being abused by the healthcare system for profit. There were limited studies that seemed to show that surgery improved gender dysphoria to promote this child mutilation and castration.  However it is now coming to light that the opposite is more likely and the 12 year data published in 2021 shows that the outcomes from surgery actually increased mental health risk from surgery and psychotropic prescriptions. 

Basically in hindsight we can see that not only did the healthcare system profit from this abuse and basically used children as guinea pigs. The healthcare system has created lifelong customers treating an ever increasing problem that they in fact likely have exacerbated with these treatments. We may have to write a paper on sick care because there are so many guinea pigs in the system now it may need to be rebranded to reflect the transhumanist agenda. 

This is not the America I grew up in.  This is no longer the land of the free and the home of the brave. Its past time to reverse course and it will require courage.  The courage to go to the cross and sacrifice for others is the courage from which all virtue flows.   Pride is not the answer, Humility is the answer.

Blank Person

Ed McKervey

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