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Gnostic Pride & Haughty Spirit - Part 7 of 9

Exploration gnosticism, pride & the apostasy of special knowledge. The inversion of truth and morality through of a lack of faith and courage.

By Ed McKervey
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First Century Leadership

Originally published in the Porterville Recorder's 7/26/2023 issue. Part 7 of 9.

As we continue delving into real examples in our culture that promote vicious pride we must make plain that balanced with real humility good things can happen.  We know that human nature will always be challenged with pride but we must remember to balance that pride so that there is a positive good.  It’s always good to balance a vice with a virtue, but it is never good to balance a virtue with a vice. 

Legalizing drugs as if it is a public good is not virtue. We cannot embrace a bad thing to create a good thing. We should never set out to promote vice to achieve a good result in a moral, ethical and thoughtful society. Sin taxes come to mind where we tax something thinking we can get something good out of something bad. Cigarette taxes are a great example of a sin tax.

Virtue is a choice and when we choose virtue it is the best.  We cannot succeed in trying to force behavioral change as that force becomes vice. A great example is the self-esteem movement. Giving trophies and recognition to people that have not earned it or don’t deserve it does not lead to greater self-esteem. In fact rewarding mediocrity leads to mediocrity it does not lead to improved self-esteem. This behavior is fake and leads to mediocrity at best and likely the opposite outcome poor self-esteem. I would posit that low self-esteem is leading is right into this identity crisis.

This also applies to educators and adults who by their own ignorance are encouraging and promoting virtue signaling behavior that only leads to lower self-esteem. Further exacerbating all of this political correctness is a corrupt and complicit media controlled by the healthcare industry that benefits from this harm financially as they continue to promote it.  Think of all of the children that are harmed and confused by this nonsense. 

Voltaire said find out who you cannot criticize and you will find who rules you. Fact checkers are even trying to discredit this quote because it’s so powerful. We dare not speak against the pride dogma that created Pride month in our society without hearing a screed from the indoctrinated.  We cannot speak against the protected class that has now commandeered the curriculum in our schools. What happened to innocent children as a protected class?  This has become a culture of hyenas. 

We cannot challenge the dogma in public or in our places of work because the progressives have garnered legal precedent. The sacred protected class of children is trampled on by activists that both undermines the American Social Contract and the American Civil Rights dream of MLK simultaneously.  We risk being ostracized if we do not accept and subscribe to the tenets of this quasi religion.  I enjoyed Roseanne Barr’s pronoun claim in her comedy routine. This nonsense requires ridicule as it is beyond ridiculous. I’m also reminded that Gollum’s pronouns were we/us and they/them. 

We risk punishment and banishment from our jobs under threat of lawsuits as any dissent is perceived as abuse of the protected legal class.  The media is captured by the same pressures from their advertisers and legal threats from social justice groups not uninterested in REAL justice. 

When parents go to school board meetings to speak against the indoctrinating pornographic curriculum foisted on our children through pride dogma they turn off their microphones censoring free speech.  Some have even been arrested for standing up to the bullies on the board. Parents are now being compared to terrorists and lessor than the credentialed teachers or board members that know better. Gnosis.

We have even seen in extreme cases where police remove folks from the meetings when they express their opposition to the curriculum and pride dogma. How did we get to a place where pornography is allowed in schools as education but not the Holy Bible?   Be careful once you step off of school grounds you may get arrested for possession of child pornography even if the school allowed it, it’s still a crime off school grounds. Not only are schools gun free zones but they are also exempt themselves from criminal behaviors because they call it education and deem it good. 

Most have given in to the pride bullies and decided to be neutral which cedes more power to pride factions and the pride bullies. This tribalism purports to be protecting people from bullies all the while they have become the biggest bullies in history.  This is a marvelous inversion of truth, morality, and ethics. This is what the profit Isaiah warned us about when we trade sweet for bitter and light for darkness.

We are seeing censorship shadow bans and outright bullying of anyone who does not agree with the pride agenda everywhere we turn. Anyone who does not agree is voted off the island and cast out of the tribe that is not closely aligned with the agenda and the uniparty politics. The incessant bullying is so ubiquitous it has become a way of life or lifestyle for many with flags, pins, colors and many other rites and rituals.

The pride movement uses political correctness to further their political agenda in all aspects of our culture.  Nobody is allowed to speak against this dogma even if it causes harm to children.  And the worst censorship of all is when people censor themselves out of fear of not belonging. Group identity is group think in the making.

It all goes in one direction, downward. Have you stopped and asked yourself why you comply with political correctness and why you self-censor?   The word political is in the phrase political correctness…….its political! When did this phrase go from wisdom to weapon?  As I said before the phrase political correctness was used to ridicule people that went along with politics in the past and now it is being used to silence opposition.

Good teachers that understand that education is a partnership between teachers, students and parents are ostracized and derided for non-compliance with the dogma of the pride ideology. Many good teachers have remained silent and slowly been captured through their own obedience because they do not want to lose their pension or their job.  The School Boards are rubber stamping policies that make no sense at all like putting feminine products in the boy’s bathrooms for the love of money.

Even school board members who could stand up for the children and education don’t or won’t because they are also being bullied into this tribal pride ideology by their peers. The strangest retort for me is that they voted for this evil just to get the money as if that makes it OK.  It’s amazing to me how many will allow their conscience to be seared to comply with rules and policies that are hurting children and families just so they can live a comfortable life and get the money.  It’s simply payoff for obedience, no conscience allowed. 

Still there are many teachers that wholly embrace this progressive movement that celebrates pride and all of its vice.  We see pride flags being flown in classrooms where the American flag once flew.  We are now pride nation according to the pride zealots.  Promoting vice and political movements is completely inappropriate in our classrooms and when we see video of teachers leading pledges of allegiance to the pride flag we know we have let this go way too far. 

Yet it continues unabated as we add the next new political movement and administrators give preferential treatment to protected groups at the expense of the whole.   It’s a strange thing to see the most vociferous militant activist movements claiming that they are against bullying, as they bully the majority at the same time, this is pride in action. 

The Haughty spirit is thriving in our schools.  If there were an ounce of humility in this movement they would not do any of these things. An easy way to see if the curriculum is bad is if it is mandatory and secret.  If the curriculum is so important why is it not made available to parents to review, question and opt out? There is no humility here just pride and arrogance.

The American social contract is being violated on many levels here in this pride movement.  The fact that they are so bold as to call themselves the pride movement says it all.  Pride is not a virtue it’s a vice and many have been cowed into silence and obedience as the movement has grown and grown they have become more and more vocal and belligerent. 

The pride movement has become a cult with sacred doctrines and consequences if you don’t comply or adhere with those doctrines. This is becoming a totalitarian ideology and has reached a point where there is legislation to break up families for non-compliance.  The pride doctrine systematically withholds information form children’s parents.  The pride movement is hostile to the traditional American Family.

What kind of evil threatens to separate parents from their own children if they disagree? Why is this immoral behavior celebrated and promoted as superior?   Why are government, corporations and media all aligned?  That is the very definition of FASCISM.  The people in power have not the courage to stand up for the powerless and the inversion is marvelous. 

This goes against the American social contract dismissing reality, reason and the principle of “in loco parentis”.  Parents expect their children to be educated as if they were parenting themselves and this foundational agreement has been thrown out completely.  The American education system is nothing more than a political movement today.  It’s a movement for teachers not children standing squarely against parental rights. 

Parents are no longer able to see the secret curriculum’s in our schools. No longer do parents know what their children are being taught as they had just two generations ago.  This is not progress this is indoctrination plain and simple.  All forms of centralization are by definition fascistic. See also the Tower of Babel which is a great example of how the hubris and pride of centralization leads to disaster.

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Ed McKervey

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