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Gnostic Pride & Haughty Spirit - Part 8 of 9

Exploration gnosticism, pride & the apostasy of special knowledge. The inversion of truth and morality through of a lack of faith and courage.

By Ed McKervey
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First Century Leadership

Originally published in the Porterville Recorder's 8/2/2023 issue. Part 8 of 9.

When you think back to the universal healthcare madness in 2010 we now see clearly through hindsight the path that was created for sex changes as healthcare. Obamacare pays for 95% of the procedures and the medical industry embraced it. The guaranteed profit and government mandate for insurance is collusion of government and corporations capturing people. This is a form of feudalism and serfdom and we have been there now for 13 years and yet we are still fast asleep. 

All paid for by you the taxpayer and don’t mind that affordable care means its costs much more and you get less care.  There is definitely a pattern here about mandates and we see clearly the destruction this causes in a free society. It makes us less free and we should not comply if it goes against our conscience. One thing is for sure with all of this abuse our government is not representing us but ruling over us.  The trust and consent of the governed has been severely damaged. 

Step back and ask yourself why in the cities this is more prevalent. The diagnosis of gender dysphoria is regional which means even to the lay person that its part and parcel to the culture. The stats also show that California statistics are by far the worst at 17% verses national average of 3% in children. This illustrates what looks like regional California illness, mental for sure. 

This is an outcome of Cultural Marxism and its success in achieving its EQUITY goals in our schools. In its base form this also illustrates the power of group identity being favored over individual identity.  Educating children has turned into indoctrination and is evidenced by the fact that a full 66% of students nationwide cannot read at grade level.  Curriculum and control needs to be returned to local parental control. National control of education is a complete and utter failure.

Misery loves company so group identity is not a panacea it might be a much bigger problem because our country and our salvation is based on the individual. Be careful how you interpret that as it may mean we will all soon be poor and miserable equally pursuing this false anti-American equity goal.  Groups are now being formed and funded to fight against other groups and we drift further away from the identity that matters most, the individual. There is no such thing as collective salvation.

Another plausible connection to this language is that banks trade in equity.  Maybe they are just thinking about connecting social credit scores with economic credit scores through the same term EQUITY. Avarice is excessive greed and synonymous with a haughty spirit.  The people are now the commodity.  We have started treating people as things and things as people. Is group equity like group life insurance?

Banks trade in equity and Marxists trade in equity so it’s not a great leap. Connecting your money to your behavior like China does using Apple technology supports the push for Central Bank Digital Currency (CDBC). Marxists are materialists, money is material & love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.  Check out the money flowing from government into finance and then into all of these progressive causes through Black Rock.

Looks like the merging of materialism to the culture is well underway, which is simply another form of greed and manipulation for control and profit.  So much for the perceived moral superiority of nonprofit organizations as they trade the meritocracy of a free society for behavioral manipulation. The non profits profit from behavioral manipulation, go figure. The easy way to illustrate this delusion is this: your race and your sex are more important than merit, results no longer matter and ideology leads to profit. Marxism in all forms goes against the founding of the country and our Declaration of Independence. 

Ask yourself another question about psychotropic drugs being prescribed and administered to children.  Why is it that America prescribes these drugs at four times the rate of Europe?   Then ask yourself why the majority of mass murderers are on these drugs? Nobody stops to ask why we are doing this to our children. Why is Autism now 1 in 36 when it was 1 in 10,000 one generation ago?

Every evil force in the history of the world claimed they were doing good. Who decides what is good?  I wrote a piece on this a while back.  Simply stated it has always been centered on will.  It’s a simple binary of man’s will vs God’s will. When man decides what is good is it inevitably ends in disaster, when it is not aligned with God’s will and the truth of the matter. 

An easy thought experiment illustrates this evil when you ask a criminal if they perpetrated the crime they will always claim their innocence. Sometimes it’s simply denial. Other times it’s a blame shift like someone else made them do it. More and more we are hearing people say they were born that way and that is shifting the blame to God for what man has actually done. Even people who claim not to adhere to this social contract of right and wrong know they are doing wrong because they would not blame shift unless they knew it was wrong. We are spiritual beings, there is no escape.

There is one caveat here and there is a small group that cannot be accounted for and that is mentally ill or mentally impaired people.  But this is a deceitful premise altogether because it eschews personal accountability and shifts the blame to society.  The Marxist CULTure tends to blame of God, Society and past history for all of their ills to avoid accountability and further their agenda. We must take care of those who cannot care for themselves.  Allowing people to live by the river is neglect not compassion.

When the conscience is not intact it is the only exception we have to care for those that can’t care for themselves. Giving people drugs is not compassionate care and is reminiscent of a chemical lobotomy. And just like surgical lobotomies the healthcare system profits from it.  The headlines that promote sociopath violence to sell advertising thought dirty laundry dismisses this abuse in a spellbinding exception.  Why is a chemical lobotomy considered good? Maybe now that we closed all of the mental asylums we have become a giant mental asylum. Seems about right.

Before the 1980’s we used to have places set aside to help folks where there conscience is not intact and where lobotomy by surgery was touted as good. That was considered cruel but chemical lobotomy today isn’t? Mental institutions which we need to help people were all closed to assuage the feelings a collective guilt. This was the beginning of this equity lie the modern progressives were peddling as moral. Well here we are again in a situation where mental illness is on the rise as progressives over prescribe psych drugs, embrace illegal drugs and foster an identity crisis in children as a solution. 

Incessant marketing of the global social contract (Marxism) undermines liberty and freedom. But we are told its different this time and it will all work out.  We are told just give us your consent and we will take care of everything. You don’t have to do anything just trust the technocrats (gnostics) in charge. The tyrannical corollary rears its ugly head again saying “it’s all for the greater good”. The new and improved global social contract where the focus is on climate change and sacrificing individual for the collective will save us all.  Climate Change doctrine is a return to neo-paganism.   

Oh how glorious it will be to win the whole world and lose our souls in the process. This globalist social contract only leads to destruction of the individual. Build Back Better implies we must destroy everything first.  The accountability for all of the ills of the world is projected squarely onto the collective or the creator himself which is an enormous blame shift.  Reminds me of a story in Genesis in the Garden of Eden. Progressives (globalists) have eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  We all know the consequences and yet we fear man more than God.

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Ed McKervey

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