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Gnostic Pride & Haughty Spirit - Part 9 of 9

Exploration gnosticism, pride & the apostasy of special knowledge. The inversion of truth and morality through of a lack of faith and courage.

By Ed McKervey
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First Century Leadership

Originally published in the Porterville Recorder's 8/9/2023 issue. Part 9 of 9.

So as you can see the more things change the more they stay the same.  The struggle of virtue and vice can be seen clearly through pride and humility. There is nothing new under the sun. Remember Satan is the accuser by definition and not the creator.  The delusion that there is such thing as creative destruction is at the heart of this cultural inversion and we need to simply stand up and say no.  We need to find our courage which is a virtue and stand against this vice. We need to simply stand up and say enough of this nonsense. Peter Pan was a great story about what happens when we don’t grow up and take responsibility.  We are not Toys R us Kids. 

Ba’al Gates has more than 42 million followers on fakebook and yet he only gets a few thousand likes. Why is that?  Despite the fact that he is reviled around the world the media continues to consult him even after he makes billions on pharma while the world suffers. Why does the media pretend people like him or trust him? Furthermore the twitter files are showing how many fake accounts are out there exposing the bots and made up followers across the social media landscape. We are also seeing how far government tentacles have reached into our social media to control the political narratives.  This is the tyranny Lincoln warned us about from within.

When Tucker Carlson got fired from Fox for not staying on the media plantation it illustrated this point very well.  Tucker posted on twitter a 3 min video in May that garnered 125 million views. This is more than all of the audiences in the propaganda media combined on his own with no promotion, with no network backing him just telling some simple truths.  We will have to become masters of technology to defeat this technocracy we are facing.

I find myself humming the chorus from the old song, of the same name, “It’s an eminence front, it’s a put on, it’s a put on”. The lyrics echo the theme of this series very well, people forget.  The pride filled self-anointed don’t really have the support they claim to have. They don’t really have the followers they say they have. It’s an eminence front. The wizard of OZ was such a great story about human nature.  Technology and the internet have helped us look behind the curtain. We can now clearly see the OZ is a useful idiot with a microphone and a booming voice. All we have to do is audit the books of the emerald city to restore it and wake up from this nightmare.

The threat of litigation may be real but it’s immoral to sue without cause and the threat is often all it takes to coerce behavior. The fear invoked by the well-funded and organized radical agenda is no reason to give up your morals. The fear that you will be hurt by a radical minority to get good people to give in to bullies is unfounded. Like when you get robbed at gunpoint, do as we say and you won’t get hurt.   If we simply all stand up together the game is over. Find your courage and stop being a coward.

On social media free speech is no longer allowed and many are censored. The majority of the world is being bullied by the minority in all areas of life as a result of the Marxist embrace of technology. The threat is real but in all truthfulness it just takes a little courage to stand up and when we all stand up the charade will be over. I often tell folks that in this technology age if you are not on a watch list by now you should be ashamed of yourself.

Cancel culture is in the process of cancelling itself and we would be wise to be courageous and stand up against these paper tigers. We must restore the American Social Contract back to its mooring and reject this culture that embraces vice as a positive character trait. We must make REAL progress back towards the Constitution and REAL Civil Rights. The truth is in a well go out and seek it.  We must become truth seekers to discover the way the truth and the life.

If we don’t change course it will be the end of freedom and liberty that we grew up with. Today’s culture is an existential threat to freedom and liberty. Today’s culture embraces government over God and truly represents an end of America in its ignorance, apathy and tolerance.   

The American social contract of my generation knew quite clearly that we should protect children from sexual deviancy and that the family was at the center of human freedom, success and prosperity.  In fact in the order of hierarchy the REAL social contract is God, Family then Country (government).  How did this get inverted?

In a free country the government is of, for and by the people. If we the people are the government why do we accept this ritual abuse of our children? Why are we so ignorant and apathetic?  Why do we tolerate evil? When will we stand up to this tyranny that is hurting our children?  There is a big difference between a democracy through mob rule and representative republic of, for and by the people.  A Time for choosing one again id upon us.

America as founded is decentralized to prevent this kind of tyranny, decentralized power rejects mob rule and embraces liberty and freedom of the individual and the family.  We the people have not consented to the global social contract being foisted on us in this generation. We must not give in to this anti-American agenda plaguing our county. We must reject this culture of vice and humble pursue REAL VIRTUE.

If a person wears black face it’s frowned upon because of the past sins of slavery in America.  Over 600,000 Americans fought and died to end the vicious practice of slavery. Promoting abhorrent sexuality to children is now being celebrated through pride and cross dressing. Isn’t this sexist? Isn’t this a grand case of sexual harassment for the vast majority of people?   Will American’s fight and die to promote this vice? 

Why is it considered OK for a drag queen to leer at others with sexual desire and not called sexual harassment?  Since when is the protected class of children so openly violated and nobody pushes back? Why is a voyeuristic cross dressing teacher not considered sexually harassing all of their students?   We must all be mentally ill now as we have accepted this immoral behavior for far too long without pushing back. 

We can think of many examples like this illustrating our own mental illness in a collective identity crisis that is designed to divide distract and change the social contract away from a family centered culture. Western civilization is based in the Judeo Christian ethic of right or wrong.  This is the basic social contract of a free society. Keep it Simple it’s not complicated. We must restore the Mooring to the Christian ethic where it belongs we have been adrift for far too long. Removing the mooring is not progress…

We have allowed Cultural Marxism into our education system embracing social and emotional learning which is damaging our children. If we do not show some restraint and humble ourselves we will be humbled by our own actions.  We need to restore the education system to the basics or reading, writing and arithmetic. We must teach from original source documents REAL history. Starting with American Constitution and the moral foundation of Western Civilization that leads to freedom and liberty. 

The schools are now raising citizens of the world not citizens of the United States.  We have traded virtue for vice and we have abandoned the priori “in loco parentis”.  Education has been traded for indoctrination and activist training.  Real self-esteem has been traded for empty virtue signaling and group identity. Humility has been replaced with pride. Bullying has been made much worse by pride activists in our schools pushing group identity over individual identity. How is it that parental rights are now under attack by Big Education?

The old proverb was right on the money. Pride leads to destruction and a haughty spirit to a fall. In our schools we have Pride pins, Pride games, Pride flags, Pride parades, Pride clubs, Pride Books, Pride curriculum and a significant number of Pride teachers.  RITUAL ABUSE OF CHILDREN IS THE WORST KIND OF BLASPHEMY.

We all know these things I write about instinctively as we are spiritual beings. The true spirit of Liberty is an unwritten contract that adheres to equal justice, rule of law and protection of family and children. We cannot have common sense without a common God. Exactly how is it that so many are now embracing this haughty spirit proclaiming a moral superiority while promoting immoral inferiority? Its past time to reverse course and restore our country by reconnecting the cultural moorings to Christianity where virtue and truth are King.

Blank Person

Ed McKervey

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