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Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink - Part 4 of 5

Delves into California Water Issues. Water is now a Crypto currency. Corporate farmers are not Family farmers. State climate change policy is the man made crisis.

By Ed McKervey
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Originally published in the Porterville Recorder's 5/31/2023 issue. Part 4 of 5.

In Part four I want to make some comparisons to other things that are happening at the same time that speak to a pattern or a trend.  Allow me several paragraphs to compare and contrast other man made crises used to exploit and distract.  I want to make some comparisons to other things to show the corollary to the “Water Crisis”. Carbon Dioxide is a trace gas that is less than one half of 1% (.04%) of the air we breathe.  Humans produce only 3% of that .04% through emissions making human impact minuscule. Carbon Dioxide is what plants need to grow. Carbon Dioxide is plant food. Plants turn it into Oxygen we humans need to breath.  In fact if carbon was reduced to (.02%) which is half of what we have today the plants could not grow.  Nitrogen is 78% of Air, Oxygen is 21% of Air and the rest are trace gases.  The Ratio of carbon dioxide to oxygen is roughly 525:1. 

The powers that be are telling us to upend the entire world economy to try and affect a trace gas that does not even correlate to earth’s temperature.  The data they claim as proof is clearly being manipulated to omit the heat data from the early 1900’s. Even worse the hotter climates of the past when there were few if any humans had much higher concentrations of carbon dioxide.  I guess the dinosaurs drove mega SUV’s and enjoyed mega air conditioning. The earth was hotter in the past and had more carbon dioxide in the past and the anthropogenic claims are completely fraudulent.  The abundance of carbon in the past is likely what has become the oil rich deposits we enjoy today.  Through subduction of tectonic plates a green past may be leading to a green future. A Green future does not belong to the dire false predictions of the Carbon Haters of today.

We also see the cooling trend downward into the 1970’s is used as the starting point for the warming trend that followed into the early 2000’s.  The climate “scientists” manipulated the data and produced the infamous hockey stick that never happened because it was based on fake data.  That hockey stick period turned out to be a complete farce. As evidenced from the cooling for the past decade after they said we would all surely suffer and die. The carbon hating cult is not letting go of their ideological possession. It’s amazing how this climate change reflects an alchemist or materialist agenda that comes complete with sacrifices and penance as if it was a real religion. We are starting to see the rhetoric ease up and projections move out 50 or 100 years which is interesting.  I guess the Mayan calendar was wrong even though it was right and meshed well with modern climate religiosity 10 years ago. 

This climate change fear mongering is being used to manipulate and control through what a wiser generation used to call a grift but we are no longer wise.  The harsh reality is that the Electrical Grid will not handle the demand and the pollution in the “green” energy products available today use more energy and produce more pollution and waste than the more natural petroleum solutions.  It turns our going green really means keeping internal combustion engines and the existing infrastructure because it already exists,  pollutes less and costs less than the green agenda despite the propaganda. When people start chanting brown is the new green you know you are no longer living in reality.

Technology has enabled us to refine and renew oil products that were once deemed poison.  Oil is the original organic and is now by definition a renewable resource with natural by products. Now that we understand plate tectonics it’s easy to see the plate subduction pulls plants downward to be turned into oil through natural processes.  The internal combustion engine uses oil and exhales carbon dioxide which is plant food that helps green the planet and feed us. 

Remember more than half of the oil we consume is not for the combustion engine but used for textiles and products. My goodness most things are made from petroleum or used in the manufacturing of goods the world over. Our roads are made of oil for goodness sakes.  Petroleum plays a primary role in manufacturing the world over including medicine.   Why do we demonize Oil?  I would counter that Black is the new Green, and has always been the most green.  Raising the price of oil raises the price of everything.  You can’t even charge an electric car without oil.

Drought, Flood and Climate Change are great examples of the abuse of eschatology to hypnotize through fear and create a cult. How in the world did we become so ignorant about REAL Science? How did we conclude the most sustainable process between the plant, animal and human exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen is unsustainable? 

This is just another part of the pattern of exploitation through crisis. Crisis after crisis after crisis is a cult eschatology that seeks to devour and side step the rule of law & the constitution.  See Article 6 about the Supreme Law of the Land and let’s get back to basics and stop deluding ourselves and going along with this evil lawless agenda.  We see now very clearly that progressivism has steadily moved away from the founding and this is not progress. Legal precedent is not law. Legal precedent is the way lawyers and judges manipulate the law. Exploiting people through fear and crisis is not leadership. Let’s stop progressing away from the constitution through false precedent and start progressing back to the constitution where equal justice is supreme.

Here are a few more carbon dioxide examples to further the points of comparison between the crises.  In the growing industry and as clearly as historical evidence shows higher carbon dioxide levels are really good for the planet. Commercial greenhouse growers today regularly inject carbon dioxide at 2 or 3 time the normal concentration to produce higher crop yields.  In fact some have shown that higher concentrations also help with pest control. The fossil record shows that in the distant past carbon dioxide levels were as much as 15 times higher than they are now with epic plant growth. What a nightmare to think that higher concentrations of carbon dioxide have higher crop yields and have shown that the planet is greening and not dying as the alarmists and cultists continue to condition us to believe. 

NASA is trying to toe the line because the false narrative of climate eschatology does not match the data of the greening planet in their published research.   Discovery channel has gone all in showing pictures of a black planet as their new media ICON when the reality is that our planet has been steadily greening for decades. Maybe they are saying black is the new green? History clearly shows past carbon dioxide was much higher than it is today. Ice cores show a weak correlation but as we learn from basic statistics correlation is not causation. This reminds me of a High School Science project where you design the experiment with the result in mind and then go get the data to match your single variable conclusions even if it’s a multi-variate analysis.

One of the big myths of my generation was that dinosaurs where the source of oil and they called it fossil fuel.  It’s a marvelous mythology and looking back we begin to realize the media has been deceiving us for a very long time. Now that we have the internet and decentralized information we can easily see for ourselves what is really going on so shut off the Tell-A-Vision news and do a little reading. Oil is the original organic and it’s not from dinosaurs. 

The earth is changing and we see clearly how the continents and continental drift with new land emerging in the bottom of the oceans through volcanism and the old land being pulled under through subduction moving carbon beneath the earth and subject to great pressure and heat that turns it into oil.  The reality is that oil is the result of rich carbon history from organic matter that natural processes has turned into what we once called black gold. 

Increased carbon dioxide actually helps plants to grow and it’s actually greening the earth by all objective measures why are we trying to reduce it?  Carbon dioxide helps us grow food and we are so dumb now we demonize it.  Folks are even going as far as to claim that regulating carbon dioxide is a moral imperative when nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact regulating carbon and water is regulating life itself. Humans are made mostly of water and we are all carbon based life forms.  Who would ever dreamed that in the age of science and technology the carbon they want to reduce and the water they want to ration is really about controlling people. The output from internal combustion engine produces water and gas that greens the planet and people have been captured in a group think cult that claims that is a bad thing. 

I have been writing to you to share my thoughts and some things I picked up reading.  I began reading as a child and have read quite a lot over the years.  My grandmother taught me at an early age to read as much as I could and to but to never believe anything you read.  What she meant was make sure not to take anyone else’s thoughts as your own.  In an age of technology this approach has gotten much easier, but it was the critical thinking that drove me to read more and more over the years.  It isn’t hard to notice that there is really no news on the so called news channels and that the real issues are no longer being debated. The most important aspects of information are not on the surface but down in a well and you have to go and retrieve them.  Ask yourself why most of the data presented here is not in the news or commonly known. 

People are no longer using their brains if we go along with these obvious false premises. Did we really stop thinking and reasoning altogether? Was it a conscious decision to join a cult and drink the suicidal Kool-Aid or are we waking up to the truth? Climate Change eschatology is turning out to be the biggest con in history only rivaled by what was foisted on us in 2020 when they said 2 weeks to slow the spread and even bigger lie.  Joseph Goebbels is blushing. This is not science at all, but scientism.  When the media tells you the science is settled you know they are lying. 

When the media tells you we live in a democracy when we all pledge allegiance to the republic for which is stands, one nation under God, you know there is a lot of brainwashing going on. Science is never settled, the very definition of science is that it is never settled? The missing link is still missing and evolution is still just a theory, and in today’s vernacular that is the real conspiracy theory that folks have unscientifically and mistakenly accepted as fact.  I will posit to you that if you think we are in a drought and a flood at the same time there is definitely something strange going on with our water and it has nothing to do with the weather.

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Ed McKervey

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