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Blessings of Liberty Sponsors A Proclamation of Parental Rights in City of Porterville, CA

Porterville has proclaimed the Constitutional Doctrine of Parental Rights

By Blessings of Liberty
Porterville Parental Rights Proclamation

The Leadership of Blessings of Liberty is thrilled to unveil our Parental Rights Proclamation and announce its official proclamation within the City of Porterville, California.

This momentous occasion serves as a testament to the enduring principles of the American Constitution, affirming unequivocally that Parents retain the unassailable right to nurture their children without facing discrimination or interference from the Government. Our unwavering dedication is centered on safeguarding the cornerstone of our society: the sacred institution of the family. We firmly assert that parents are endowed with the privilege to raise their children in alignment with their personal beliefs. This stance is not only deeply rooted in our core values but is also supported by well-established legal precedents.

Within the United States, the highest court has unequivocally affirmed that parents possess an innate right to guide the upbringing of their children in their own distinctive manner. This prerogative is shielded by various clauses within our Constitution, notably including the First, Ninth, and Fourteenth Amendments.

This intrinsic right finds not only its embodiment within the Constitution but also resonates harmoniously with the teachings of the holy Bible. We uphold the conviction that the family is the bedrock upon which our society is built, a divine establishment. Consequently, when the Constitution's Preamble pledges to "secure the Blessings of Liberty and our Posterity," it inherently refers to the family unit.

We express our gratitude for the opportunity to play a pivotal role in reinstating fundamental rights and safeguarding the family. We extend our thanks to Councilmember Raymond Beltran and Greg Meister for their unwavering support in endorsing this proclamation. It is indeed regrettable that other council members have chosen not to sign the proclamation, thereby declining to endorse a right that is not only deeply cherished by our nation but also by every resident of Porterville. The family unit forms the very foundation of our city. Every individual possesses a family, with the vast majority being part of a nuclear family structure at home. This essence of family is integral to life itself, and through this proclaimed right, we affirm our commitment to protect the family from external forces that seek to disrupt it. The fabric of the family has united us since time immemorial, and it continues to do so today.

Our unwavering conviction propels Blessings of Liberty to actively champion Parental Rights. Our inaugural sponsorship of the Parental Rights proclamation serves as a resolute testimony to our unyielding commitment, and we eagerly anticipate further advocacy aimed at preserving the sanctity of the family.

To read the proclamation in PDF, click here.

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